Canfor Houston Forest Stewardship Plan Amendment 1

When a change is made to a Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) there is to be public, First Nations, and stakeholder engagement on the amendments made to the FSP.

The linked documents below identifies what the changes are and how the Objectives set by government will be met under the the FSP.

This FSP amendment only changes section 6.3.1 which relates to the government objective for soils. The wildfires of 2018 had a significant impact to Forest Development Units (FDU) areas under this FSP. The fire suppression activities created some large fire guards and safety zones. Any block overlaying these guards or safety zones that target burnt wood salvage would not be able to meeting disturbance limits specified in government practice requirements.

Canfor FSP Amendment 1 Document

Map of area impacted in 2018 by Nadina Fire

Map of area impacted in 2018 by Morrison Fire