Layout, Cruising, and Recce Guidance Documents

Any cutblock layout conducted for Canfor Houston Divisions will follow guidance contained within the following documents.

If you have any questions in regards to how and where the guidance in the documents are implemented please contact your supervisor or if unsure who to talk to please contact Kevin Skarda (250) 845-5243 for further information.

Contractor Safety Guidelines

Ground Den Identification Guide

Migratory Bird Training

Stick Nest Identification and Management Guide

Sites of Biological Significance Guide

Species of Management Concern Guide

Ecotyping Training Presentation

Riparian Training Presentation

Wildlife Salvage Logging Practises Presentation

Wildfire Salvage Guidance for Planning and Permitting

Fuel Management Guidelines

In-Block Bridge Training Presentation

Wildlife Habitat Feature Field Card

Ecotyping Field Card

Layout Guidance Field Card

Trespass Avoidance Training