Canfor Houston Division Stakeholder Referral packages

January 2017

Stakeholder referrals are sent out to gather information from a variety of stakeholders on proposed developments in the Skeena Stikine, Nadina, and Fort St. James Natural Resource Districts

The attached maps and KMZ's display the following information;

  • The tan outlined blocks have been included in previous stakeholder referral packages
  • The purple outlined blocks are new or have had their boundary changed significantly since the last stakeholder referral package.
  • The blue outlined blocks have been GPSed (boundary flagging is complete)
    • Blue outline with tan dots have been included in previous stakeholder referral packages.
    • Blue outline with purple dots are new or have had their boundaries changed significantly.
  • Roads show up on the ortho image, as black/gray lines showing existing roads, or as red lines showing proposed roads.

Canfor will continue to abide by government objectives for the Bulkley, Lakes, Morice, and Prince George TSA's, and the approved Forest Stewardship Plans. The objectives in each address values for biodiversity, wildlife, water, fish habitat, timber and outdoor recreation.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss any proposed development please contact Kevin Skarda at (250) 845-5243 or Greg Yeomans at (250) 845-5225.  We look forward to your comments and/or meeting with you as we move forward with our proposed activities. 


KMZ's Showing Blocks included in this REFERRal 

Newly Referred Blocks KMZ

Previously Referred Blocks KMZ

Key to the KMZ file fields

Landscape Unit Maps

Ankwill and Dust (North)

Buck Landscape Unit and Dungate Community Forest

Corya, Harold Price, and Reiseter

Deep Creek

Fulton (North), and Chapman

Gosnel, Thautil and Morice Lake

Houston Tommy and Valley (West)

Kidprice Landscape Unit

Morrison, North Babine (North), Dust(South) and Tochcha Natowite (North)

Nadina (East) and Tahtsa (East)

Nadina (West), Tahtsa (West), and Sibola (North)

North Babine (South) and Tochcha Natowite (South)

Parrotts and Owen

Topley, Fulton (South), and Valley (East)

Whitesail, Troitsa, and Sibola (South)