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Nadina Natural Resource District


Yekooche first Nation

The linked maps below display the following information:

  • Blocks with an pink outline are new info-sharing blocks related to fire guard construction..

  • Existing roads show as black/gray, green/gray or brown/grey coloured lines

  • Proposed roads show as red/gray coloured lines.

 To maintain current information, comments and questions are welcome on all blocks (tan, purple and blue) and all proposed roads. In addition to proposed roads, all roads adjacent to proposed blocks may be used or needed to gain access. Additional roads may also been seen on the ortho images.

A review of available information, which includes archaeological and cultural heritage resource information, identifies those proposed developments which may potentially impact aboriginal interests.  If you have any questions or     concerns regarding this info‑sharing or would like to arrange a meeting to discuss please contact Shauna Norman (250) 845-5286 or Kevin Skarda (250) 845-5243. In regards to the info-sharing process the comment period for this package will continue until the week of September 9, 2019. After this date we will still accept comments toward the blocks in this info-sharing package as we value your input, but the formal comment period will have ended. We look forward to your comments and/or meeting with you as we move forward with our proposed activities.



New Info-sharing Blocks KMZ

Hautete Fire Area Map

KMZ files open in  Google Earth.

Understanding KMZ coding