Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan

The Emergency Preparedness and Responce Plan (EPRP) describes the emergency responsibilities, response organisation, and associated information and procedures governing Canfor operation's response to:

  • First aid evacuations: injuries and fatalities

  • Fires, natural or operational

  • Product spills; fuel, hydraulic fluid, lubricants, solvents, coolants, chemicals, and pesticides

  • Motor vehicle accidents

All contractors preforming work for Canfor are required and authorised to have a copy of the EPRP. A distribution list is kept with the divisional FMS files. Download the full EPRP below or if a hard copy is required please contact your supervisor to obtain.

The EPRP is refreshed every spring and individuals who are required to have copies on hand must replace the previous years copy with the new one.

2019/2020 EPRP digital version