Prince George Forest Stewardship Plan

The latest approved amendment to the Prince George Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) is amendment ARA-13. The FSP describes how we will meet government objectives for soil, water, wildlife, biodiversity, other resource values, and cultural values. Below is the approved FSP text and Maps.

Current FSP Text

FSP Index Map

FSP Map Anzac and Chuchinka

FSP Map Axelgold

FSP Map Carrier and Salmon

FSP Map Chilako and Pelican

FSP Map Cunningham and Hat

FSP Map Government and Stony

FSP Map Lion and Ankwill

FSP Map Lovell and Chuchi

FSP Map McGregor

FSP Map McLeod and Anzac

FSP Map Sustut

FSP Map Tatlatui

FSP Map Tezzeron and Muskeg

FSP Map Torply